Wool Riders Only - Mutton Busting

Daily shows, September 1 - 24
Please note, the Fair is closed Tuesdays & 9/6

Location: Purple Gate, adjacent to SillyVille, behind the Wild Cat roller coaster



Mutton busting is similar to the world it imitates - bull riding. Contestants ages 4-7 years and less than 60 lbs. attempt to last six seconds on a sheep that's as unpredictable as a bull. What could be more fun for a child than riding a sheep and lasting 6 seconds!

Qualifying rounds lead up to the championship performances. Everyone who wants to ride gets to ride, on a first-come first serve basis. Sheep are released from a chute, just like a bull riding competition, and take the rider to the other side of the arena. It's tough to hold on! These young riders excite the crowd, and everyone cheers them on. Prizes, trophies and buckles are awarded to the riders. Shows daily. Additional fee to compete, pay at the attraction.


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