ADA Information

Washington State Fair Events Center

This information pertains to our year round Events Center. For ADA information specific to our annual Washington State Fair event, click here.

The Washington State Fair Events Center strives to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. It is committed to making the 165-acre facility accessible to all its guests. Request for event related accommodations available to persons with disabilities should be made directly to the Event Promoter of the show you will be attending. Go to the event web calendar to view the Promoter’s contact info.

Cash Machines
There are cash machines located on the facility provided by Columbia Bank that are mobility aid-accessible. They are outside the Gold Gate, inside the Gold Gate, inside the Blue Gate and the Northeast outside corner of the Mattress Firm ShowPlex, they may be located in other convenient locations.
Drinking Fountains
Guests using wheelchairs can find accessible drinking fountains in various locations through our Washington State Fair.
Guests with a state disability placard or license plate may park in the designated area in selected lots on a first-come, first-serve basis. Five sections are available at the following parking lots:
  • Gold Parking Lot – 9th Ave SW and Meridian St S
  • Blue Parking Lot – Meridian St S and 10th Ave SE
  • Red Parking Lot – 5th St SW and 9th Ave SW
  • Green Parking Lot – Off 5th/9th St SW Bypass near Green Gate
  • Purple Parking Lot – Off 5th/9th St SW Bypass near Purple Gate
Wheelchair accessible stalls, built to accommodate mobility aids are located near gate entrances and throughout the facility. In addition, the Mattress Firm ShowPlex, has unisex restrooms large enough to accommodate a guest in a wheelchair accompanied by their attendant.
Service Animals
Service Animals are welcome throughout the facility. Pets are not permitted on the grounds.
Amplified Telephone Handset and TDD are located near the Blue Gate. Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD).


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